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Strengths of MAYATEC

We have had a business relationship with Kawasaki Heavy Industries for over 100 years, and have built a proven business record and trust alongside them. This has enabled us to deal in products, such as deck machinery, steering gear, and main engines that can be sourced from a wide variety of manufacturers.

We have in stock service parts for deck machinery and steering gear at Imabari, and can easily respond to quick-delivery requests.

We can also offer the best proposals concerning the dispatch of engineers.

Our warehouse of service parts, “Imabari Parts Center”

Highly-in-demand deck machinery and steering gear parts are always in-stock.

Quick and accurate customer responses

Linking to manufacturers based on ship information provided by customers

The information provided is used to determine the required specifications through the help of various manufacturers. We can provide a one-stop service that starts with analysis of the problem and ends with the delivery of the necessary parts or repair services.

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    Main manufacturers
    Kawasaki Heavy Industries,Ltd., Tokyo Keiki inc., Miura Co.,ltd.,, Kawajyu Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd., Kawasaki Engineering Co.,Ltd., Air Water Safety Service INC, Mansei Inc., Miura Machine Co.,Ltd., Miura Videl Co.,Ltd., Marol Co.,Ltd., Kis wire Co.,Ltd., Koei Sangyo Co.,Ltd., Semco LTD., Nunotani Nautical Instruments MFG CO.,Ltd., HSN-Kikai Kogyo Co.,Ltd., Henmi Iron Works Co.,Ltd., Yamashina seiki Co.,Ltd., Ohkubo Seiki Kogyo Co.,Ltd., Manabe Zoki Co.,Ltd., Shinei Kogyosyo

    Product range
    Electro Hydraulic Steering Gear, Deck Machinery, Deck Crane, Windlass, Mooring Winch, Counter Balance Valve/Control Valve, Axial Piston Pump, Screw Pump, Hydraulic Motor, Seal/Packing Kit, Solenoid Valve, Hydraulic Alarm, Marol Starter/Receiver, Fisheries Equipment, Diesel Engine, Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Rex Propeller, Side Thruster, Controllable Pitch Propeller, Auxiliary Boiler, Exhaust Gas Economizer, Marine Thermal Oil Heater, Ballasting Water Management System, Waste Oil Incinerator, Fresh Water Generator

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