Clean air and nutritious food are absolutely essential to our lives. Agriculture and forestry are responsible for their production. These industries may not be flashy, but they take great pride in the fact that they support people’s lives from the ground up. There is.
Through our dealers, we offer these products to our users, always incorporating the opinions of the people working in these industries so that they can work safely and efficiently.

Brushcutter/ steppe grass cutter

nourinshizai1 Brushcutters are indispensable for mowing the footpaths of footpaths and forestry sites. Makita Corporation, which is well known under the “Rabbit” brand, is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery. We have a wide range of products from light use to hard use that can be easily used by women and elderly people. We can meet a wide range of needs, from the professional ones that can withstand forest work to the ones that are designed for professional use.
In addition to brushcutters, we also offer a full range of agricultural machinery, including sprayers and control equipment.


nourinshizai2 Our original spike tabi(rubber‐soled socks). The company has earned the trust and patronage of forestry professionals across the country for many years. In addition to the usual four- and seven-piece gazes, we also offer waterproof tabi for snow and rain, and light boots for cold climates. Also available in various sizes.
ANZEN Tabi PDF catalog(345KB)
Light boots PDF catalog(130KB)

Chill hall

nourinshizai3 The manual winch series “Chill Hall” can be operated at any angle. In addition to erecting materials for civil engineering work, such as moving box culverts, raising trees in the forest, disaster prevention and lifesaving It is used as a tool for many purposes, and we are proud of the fact that we have shipped 2 million units.

FELCO Cutter

nourinshizai4 The “FercoCutter” for cutting wire ropes and wires. The tough blade made by the famous Swiss company “FELCO” has a unique triangular cutting method that does not disturb the wire rope. Cut.
We also have a selection of pruning scissors for agricultural and horticultural use.

Shiitake drill

shitakedril Toshiba’s shiitake drill is indispensable for efficient shiitake mushroom cultivation in winter. Two types of rotation are available.

  1. With a drill chuck for secure gripping of the mushroom cutter
  2. Waveform switch on top of the handle for secure and safe operation
  3. Drilling depth can be adjusted freely with depth adjusters (drilling adjustment bar)

Aluminum Bridge

arumibridge From large construction equipment to small farm machinery and motorcycles, it is essential to load and unload trucks. It is the aluminum bridge that does not have to be. We are able to produce aluminum products with excellent features such as lightness, strength, and resistance to decay in an integrated manner from materials to welding and assembly. These are products of Showa Bridge, which are manufactured in our own factory.


inoshikakun-img Expanded metal fence to prevent damage to crops from wild animals such as wild boars and deer.
It takes full advantage of the characteristics of high-strength, lightweight expanded metal and is easy for anyone to install by hand with excellent installation.

Guard pole

nourinshizai5 These poles are indispensable for transporting long materials such as logs, steel pipes, and concrete pipes that have been cut down in the forest and are simply attached to the back of a truck.

Bluesling lashing belt

bluesring bluesring_logoThe TESAC blue sling is lighter and more portable than traditional metal slings, making it easier to handle. It is easy to work with. In addition, the flexibility and elasticity of the synthetic fiber material makes it difficult to scratch the luggage. Holding. Choose from a variety of types, including those with excellent chemical resistance and soft types.
Lashing belts, which make it easy to tighten loads, are widely used in the land and marine transport industry, including trucking, in factory automation, and for pallet transport.