The MAYATEC Co.,Ltd.

※Our creed has remained unchanged since the days under the old company name of “Maya Shoji Co., Ltd.

Mayatec began in the port city of Kobe in 1951 as a trading company primarily handling marine equipment. Over the years, we have expanded the scope of our activities under the corporate creed of being honest, constructive and positive.
In today’s marine field, where exactness and a quick response mean everything, we turn to our years of experience and know-how to propose more effective products to shipyards and owners.
In the construction and agricultural fields where environmental protection and economic effects are demanded, Mayatec offers brand name and original equipment, tools and materials.
Through these services, we strive to conduct business activities and make business proposals as a sound and assured 21st century company.

Company Profile

(Last updated:April/2022)
Date founded June 23, 1951
Capital 93,500,000yen
Employees 34
Tomokazu Godai
Tomoyuki Godai
Director / General Manager, Sales Division
Hiroki Iwami
Managing Director / Deputy General Manager, Sales Division
Tomohiro Fujishima
Director / Administrative Manager
Hiroyasu Tanabe
Tomonori Godai
Tomoaki Takada
Closing date of accounts March 31
Banks Resona Bank, Kobe Branch