The concrete bridge we usually walk on without thinking about it, buried underneath the buildings we use all the time. Concrete Pile. A lot of these use a technique called prestressing.
It provides pre-tensioning force to the properties of concrete that are strong in compression force but weak in tensile force, making it stronger and more durable. Prestressed concrete (PC) is made into concrete. The PC products we handle are essential to provide that tension.

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Bridge girder
pc_koubou-koyori2Many pre-stressing techniques are also used in concrete bridges. The concrete of this bridge is strained by wires than PC steel and supports huge loads.
pc_koubou-kouyori3A concrete board used as a flooring and wall material. It is used for apartments, warehouses and factories. To create a larger, load-bearing space with as few pillars as possible, we need to pre-stress the space and make it more comfortable. The floorboards are indispensable.
Box culvert
pc_koubou-kouyori4The underground channels and communal trenches are produced in several parts at the factory and are joined on site by PC steel wire.
In addition, we also offer blue rings that can be slinged without damaging the product, and chill rollers suitable for moving box culverts.


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