Gathering timber from deep, steep mountains. Also in the field of civil engineering, such as erosion control dam construction and power line construction. We can see wire ropes in various forms in our daily life, such as cranes and elevators. It is.
We sell this “lifeline of industry”, the wire rope, through our distributors in each region.
[Type of wire rope]
There are a variety of materials, sizes, thicknesses, and types of wire ropes that can be applied to different applications, even if they look the same at first glance. It is divided into a myriad of different types of oil and whether or not it is plated. The following are some of the typical applications for each type.

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wirecutsample1 6×7 It is used as the main rope for forestry and civil engineering cableways called skylines. A tar-based viscous oil is applied.
wirecutsample2 6×19 These wires have been widely used for a long time as various types of work cables.
wirecutsample3 6×24 This wire is widely used as a sling to connect the hook of crane and the object to be lifted as well as work cable.
wirecutsample4 6×37 It is also used as hoisting wire for cranes and slinging cords.
wirecutsample5 6×Fi(21)
It is used as a working cable as well as 6×19, but it is less worn and very long-lasting Wire. Mainly (21) is used for forestry and (25) and (29) for civil engineering cableways.
wirecutsample8 IWRC
It is used for hoists and cranes.
wirecutsample7 4×F(40)
Plated products are used as hoisting cables for marine deck cranes.
wirecutsample8 IWRC
6×WS(36) G/O
It is also used for the luffing of marine deck cranes.
wirecutsample9 8×S19 Elevator Rope
wirecutsample10 3×7 G/O It is used in guard cables, vehicle protection fences, rock fall prevention fences and rock fall protection nets.

wirerope10img-1 wirerope10img-2
Rockfall protection net Rock fall prevention shed


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